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Friday, December 29, 2017

Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is very hard but...
That doesn't mean you can't break it.

Our office recommends to avoid eating "hard foods" such as popcorn husks. Don't crack nut shells with your teeth or chew on ice. Opening packages with your teeth can also damage the enamel.  Dr. Barr says, "Use the proper tool to open packages.  Your teeth are not tools."

It's not just the sugar - it's also the acid
Sugar and acids are your teeth's worst enemies. What are we talking about? Soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, fruit juices, and candy.

Because of the acid content, Mountain Dew seems to be the worst of the worst. There is even a name for the damage it does and it is called "Dew Mouth."  Sports and energy drinks are also very acidic.

These erode the tooth enamel, making it highly susceptible to decay.  Parents, watch your kid's consumption of these because young children's enamel is more susceptible.  This makes these drinks even more damaging for kids.

Dr. Barr points out that acid drinks and foods do the most damage by the FREQUENCY of exposure to the teeth.  It's not really the quantity of acid as it is the frequency of exposure.  You will do far more damage sipping on a single can of soda throughout your workday than you would chugging down a "big gulp" in 5 minutes.  If the acidic beverage is consumed quickly, in one sitting, your saliva has the opportunity to "water down" the acid and bring the "pH" of your mouth back to neutral.  If you sip on acid, frequently... all day... the "pH" of your mouth is always in the "acid zone."  And, that's when enamel breaks down.

As well as eliminating the above (or at least reducing their consumption), it is recommended to always brush and floss after every meal.  If you can't, use a sugar-free xylitol chewing gum after a meal.  Also rinse your mouth with a high quality dental mouthwash.

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