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Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Truth About Dental Insurance

Who REALLY cares about your dental health?

Here's the news that inspired me (Michael Barr, DDS) to write this article...

It was recently reported that the CEO of Delta Dental of California ("dental insurance" company) earns more than the CEOs of Apple (the maker of iPhone and Mac computers) and Anthem (medical insurance).  It's worth noting that this is the CEO of just CALIFORNIA's Delta Dental.  Here are the numbers:

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Bear in mind that Delta Dental is a "non-profit" corporation.  So, the CEO of Delta Dental, a "non-profit," makes 64% MORE than the CEO of FOR-PROFIT Apple.  

Here's what your dental premiums
pay for.
Also consider that insurance company names most frequently adorn the tallest buildings in major cities across the U.S.  They make their huge profits (or "non-profits") by collecting premiums and then paying out as LITTLE AS POSSIBLE in patient benefits.  That's simply the reality of the financial equation.

The "take away message" here is that the insurance company doesn't care about your dental health.  They care about paying the CEO of a non-profit corporation over 14 million dollars.  Meanwhile your dentist is jumping through hoops trying to help you get a 50% benefit for the crown to restore your broken molar.  And, if your dentist is successful with that, you will have blown most of your annual benefit, which hasn't been increased in over 60 years!  No kidding.  The annual maximum dental benefits have not increased in 60 years.  We have a euphemism for today's dental plans:  "The Tooth of the Year Club."  😒

But, you can bet the CEO's compensation has been increased every year.  And, those tall, shiny buildings are kept up to date, too.  

There are two parties that DO care about your dental health:  You and your dentist.

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