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Monday, February 17, 2020

Do-It-Yourself Braces Clients Having Problems?

I've written about "do-it-yourself" braces before.  There are a number of companies offering it now.  One in particular has gotten most of the attention.

It comes as no surprise to all practicing dentists that there are problems coming to light with this approach.  NBC recently did a report.  Judge for yourself.  Consider that the company stipulates unhappy clients requesting a refund sign an agreement to not talk (non-disclosure) about it anywhere, including social media.  Click on the link and judge for yourself:

 'Things didn't feel right': Some SmileDirectClub customers report problems

And, now they are threatening NBC with a lawsuit (click link below):

SmileDirectClub fires back at NBC News report

I would strongly discourage anyone considering "DIY braces."  There are SO many things that can go wrong.  See my previous blog article (click below): 

Are the Invisible Braces from a "Club" the same as Invisalign or real braces from a dentist?

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