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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Power Toothbrushes

Dr. Barr uses a power toothbrush himself.  He believes that a power brush is better than a manual brush, IF it's used correctly.  Dr. Barr says, "What matters is how LONG you brush your teeth, not how fast (and certainly not how hard)." 

Most power brushes have a built-in 2-minute timer.  Some of the timers beep every 30 seconds, so you spend 30 seconds on each quadrant (upper right, lower right, upper left, lower left).  If you brush your teeth for the full two minutes (which will seem like an eternity at first), your teeth WILL be clean. 

Of course, the same applies to a manual brush if you prefer.  Just do it for two minutes.  Dr. Barr recommends flossing before brushing.  That way the beneficial fluoride in the toothpaste can soak in between your teeth.

Dr. Barr recommends either the Oral B "Pro" series or the Philips Sonicare.

Learn what the American Dental Association has to say about power toothbrushes.

The above video is found on the American Dental Association YouTube Channel.

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