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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Six Month Smiles

Now Available at Palm Beach Smiles- Braces Done in Just Six Months!

Tiersa's smile always bothered her. And about 7 months before her wedding, she decided to do something. Porcelain veneers would have been fairly aggressive to compensate for the degree of crookedness of Tiersa's teeth. And Tiersa didnt have two years to spare for traditional orthodontics. 6 Month Smiles was the perfect solution. Her braces came off just in time for the wedding! That's Tiersa in the wedding photo!

Every case on this website is an actual case treated by Dr.
Michael Barr, a general dentist, at Palm Beach Smiles. 
  • Has your smile been stuck in "Cosmetic Limbo?"
  • Have you considered Veneers but didn't want your teeth permanently altered?
  • Were you afraid your only other choice is to have braces for Two Years or longer?
  • Does the thought of being treated while being surrounded by kids turn you off? Keep reading!

Our Boynton Beach Dental Office was the first in Palm Beach County certified by Six Month Smiles to offer 6 Month Adult Braces. In the past, your only choices to correct a crooked smile were traditional comprehensive orthodontics or Porcelain Veneers. 
Today, you can have crooked, crowded, or spaced teeth straightened cosmetically with 6 Month Braces. 

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