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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Cavity Dental Care

Cavities in Boynton Beach

How can the hardest substance in the human body turn to mush? Invisible fillings are your solution!

"Thank you for your honesty with taking care of my teeth. I love all you guys and keep smiling." —Evelyn Thomas

Everyone knows about cavities. Most of us know that sugar is a major culprit. Most of us have had fillings to fix cavities throughout our lives. Teeth are decayed by the acids in our mouth produced by bacteria (plaque) consuming sugars and carbohydrates. That acid is what turns our teeth into mush. Today's popular and very acidic soft drinks and "energy" drinks are like gas on the decay fire.

However, you may not be aware of early tooth decay. Here are some signs that may indicate cavities in your teeth:
  • Sensitive to sweets, food, or cold temperatures.
  • Brown-stained pits or craters in your teeth.
  • Broken teeth or broken old fillings.
Though, oftentimes, cavities don't hurt at all.

The solution to cavities depends on many things including: how large the cavity is, where the cavity is on the tooth, and where the tooth is in the mouth.

It may be as simple as placing a tooth colored filling, inlay or onlay, or even a crown for very large cavities. While some dentists still use silver-mercury amalgam, Dr. Barr has not used it in many years. Dr. Barr believes that silver-mercury amalgam, a 150 year-old technology, is an obsolete material. Today's technologies can give you metal-free invisible fillings!

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