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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Dental Technology

Dental Technology in Boynton Beach

At Palm Beach Smiles, we have implemented a number of dental technologies on an ongoing basis. These technologies help us provide a better dental experience for our patients. Dentistry has become very high-tech in recent years. The names of these technologies may not mean much to you. But I'll try to explain why I've chosen them to make your experience and treatment better at our office in Boynton Beach.

  • Diagnodent – This is a laser cavity scanner. It helps us accurately find dental decay (cavities) in the early stages in the grooves on the biting surfaces of your teeth. Early intervention and treatment means lower expenses and less potential for future problems.
  • Picasso™ Lite Soft Tissue Laser – Occasionally, we need to reshape gum tissues cosmetically or "get them out of the way" to access some cavities. The Soft Tissue Laser does this precisely with no bleeding and minimizes discomfort afterwards.
  • Surgical Telescopes/Headlight – You may notice that I wear some funny-looking glasses with big tubular lenses sticking out of them. These are "surgical telescopes." They help me see everything much better, just like a telescope helps an astronomer. The headlight provides excellent lighting, again so I can see even better. This technology greatly improves the quality of treatment outcomes. I wouldn't practice without it. And I wouldn't let a dentist treat ME without it.
Precision-Targeted Anesthesia
This is a special technique that Dr. Barr has discovered that puts to rest those pesky teeth that resist anesthesia. If you've had experiences where the dentist couldn't get you numb, you can be sure Dr. Barr can do it. To learn more about painless dentistry, click on Precision-Targeted Anesthesia.

I often use a special camera to take pictures of your teeth and smile. My camera can instantly transfer the images to an iPad tablet, so I can show you what I am seeing. I also use photography to communicate vital cosmetic information to our lab for porcelain restorations.

Root Canal Treatment Gizmos
  • Rotary Instruments (powered instead of manual hand files) – Means that your treatment will go more quickly while improving the outcome.
  • Electronic Apex Locator – This ensures a quality result while reducing the need for repetitive X-rays during root canal treatment. It's like radar for root canals.
Other Gizmos
  • Isolite™ – This is a special disposable mouthpiece that we may use during fillings or other restorative procedures. It helps in many ways. First, it increases comfort for our patients. It constantly suctions out water and other debris (like old fillings when they're being removed, so none of that goes down your throat). By keeping things dry, our bonded fillings procedures can be done with a higher level of quality. Bonding requires a dry environment for predictability and durability. The Isolite provides a nice cushion for you to rest your jaw (it won't get tired from holding it open). It also has a built-in light providing me with even better visualization.
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